When classmates were groaning at the sight of “term paper” on a syllabus, Kathy Wilson Florence was secretly cheering. Where multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank tests illuded, she knew she could kill it with the term paper and bring up the grade. In high school, a freshman English teacher took note and bestowed the Creative Writing Award to her at Honor’s Day — perhaps her first and only academic award — but a tone-setting validation, to be sure.

In the business arena, she can be found penning corporate copy, magazine and newspaper features and pitch-perfect sales copy for the real estate world she shares with husband Tom. In the creative world, she cut her chops on the “Johnny Journal,” a tongue-in-cheek, oddly humorous newsletter distributed via the bathrooms in Midtown Atlanta’s Colony Square —long before Midtown was hipster cool— and a 16-year stint as a weekly columnist for Dunwoody, Georgia’s Crier Newspapers.

She’s the author of two books, “Jaybird’s Song,” a novel, and “You’ve Got a Wedgie Cha Cha Cha,” a light-hearted look at life in short little doses — favorite columns from “Over the Picket Fence.”

I wear a lot of hats:
Mother to Jill and Jackie
Wife and life partner to Tom
Daughter, sister, friend
Writer, editor
Flea market shopper
Country music fan
Beach lover