By Carol C Gaultney on February 13, 2017
"Jaybird's Song is a great Southern novel that will grab your attention from the beginning of the story. It is one of those books that makes you want hide from your routine just to have more time to devote to the story. It is a story of strong women, close family and tribulations. Hoping that there is a sequel or another novel soon from Kathy Wilson Florence.."

By Amazon Customer on February 17, 2017
"Absolutely loved Jaybird's Song!! It's a wonderful story told through a character that you'll fall in love with from page one. It's the perfect mix of southern charm and heartbreaking tragedy – 10/10!!!!!!."

By P. Baker on February 19, 2017
"I loved this book so much from the moment I started it that I cleared my schedule as much as I could and devoured it in 24 hours. A stunningly thoughtful sense of place and time permeated this story, and I loved and welcomed equally the chapters from the past and the ones from the present. A true Southern story, rich in character, relationships, and secrets, Jaybird's Song not only made me understand my adopted home, Atlanta, more (especially during times of great discord in our nation's history), but it also tickled alive my memories from 900 miles away where I grew up as a northerner (the Ouija board! the Dippety Do! the weird things that happen to girls-on-the-cusp-of-womanhood that they never tell anyone), making the themes of this coming-of-age/coming-to-terms masterpiece universal. Although this book is easy and quick to read, it carries profoundly deep and powerful messages about women's ability to rise above tragedies with grace and humor, and perhaps makes us all want to be a bit more like the centerpiece of the story, Annie Jo. Kathy Wilson Florence writes with such simple beauty that I found myself suddenly filled with tears on a public train about the narrator, Josie's, painful predicament. I see a movie deal here!."

By Morgan on February 19, 2017
"I LOVED this book, couldn't put this "easy to read" novel down. I felt like I grew up with Josie and really related to her adult life as well.

Great book to curl up with on a snowy day or relaxing day at the beach.."

By Lynne Byrd on February 21, 2017
""Jaybird's Song" puts you right in the middle of a large loving family in the South, headed up by Annie Jo, their creative grandmother. You will be right there in the middle of all the sibling rivalries, the wonderful summer vacations, first love, and rites of passage! The voice of Josie (Who is nicknamed "Jaybird" by her adored Father, is clear and descriptive! You will experience desegregation of Josiej's school, and you will want Annie Jo for yourself. Be sure and save a whole day to read this fascinating novel with more than one surprise! This book will be a part of my permanent library!."

By Eleanor Pippin on February 22, 2017
"Josie, nicknamed Jaybird by her father, is approaching her 50th birthday, and her beloved grandmother Annie Jo is dying. The combination of those landmark life events causes her to reflect on her growing up years in 1960’s Atlanta. The tumultuous civil rights era and the untimely death of her father both shaped who she is. As she works to resolve open issues from her adolescence, the reader is treated to a delicious view of what it was like to grow up southern. Warm, nostalgic and sometimes funny, altogether a really good read.."

By Kathy M. Penn on February 22, 2017
"You don’t have to be a child of the sixties nor a Southerner to appreciate this story with its interesting twists and its descriptions of the events that defined a generation. For gals who grew up in the sixties, though, this book is a must read. Atlantans will get a kick out of the references to Stone Mountain, Lenox Mall and more. Flashback Alert: Every page brings back memories, some that will make you smile; others that may make you squirm. Who doesn’t have a few embarrassing high school memories? Get your copy now.."

By Martha A Brideau on February 25, 2017
"Jaybird is a story that grabs you - in a pleasant way. A great book to snuggle up on your coziest chair with a your favorite beverage and enjoy.."


By P. Baker on April 21, 2016
"I love this writer. I read her column for years in the newspaper and was very excited to see she released this book. I read it in one two-hour sitting and laughed out loud so many times (specifically about the sea monkeys, and the padlock on her sister’s glasses). She showcases the depth of meaning in the simplest things in life, plus honors every member of her family (parents, daughters, husband, extended family of relatives, and even the cat!) while doing so. Plus, thank you for the memories, especially about that rubber belt thing with the metal clasp for holding school books (I LOVED that thing), grocery bag book covers, metal over-the-shoe roller-skates, and that machine that made the bugs (the version my brother and I had was called Creepy Crawlers). This is such a lovely, lovely book. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your stories with us."

By Eleanor Pippin on May 1, 2016
"A wonderful set of snapshots from the life of a modern multi-tasking mother, daughter, career woman, and friend. Each story describes an everyday situation like a we all experience, but with witty and imaginative perspective. A delightful read."

By Amazon Customer on June 6, 2016
"A delightful read - I laughed and cried throughout. Kathy has a real gift for storytelling and I highly recommend her book. I’m already looking forward to her next wedgie, err book. :)"

By Amazon Customer on June 12, 2016
"Loved, loved, loved it! Keep up the great work!"

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